Perhaps your coaching from New England is appropriate, since the analogy I have of your impact as a coach is of maple syrup harvesting. Brilliance is not a switch you can turn on, but a process (like syruping) whereby you set a “tap” in the client, draw out the raw “sap” (potential), help the clients boil it down (find values and needs), then harvest the very best of their talents to make them effective in business and in life.

In maple syrup harvesting, a lot of maple sap only produces a small amount of syrup, but the results are sweet and rich. So too are the results of your coaching on me and other clients. Finding that syrup takes time, effort, trial and error and above all patience. The yield for me and others is indeed a sweet and rich outcome. Thank you, Coach.

–Matthew K. Eynon
Associate Vice President for Annual Giving at Boston College

What do you get with Mary Ellen Sailer in your life? Joy, Laughter, Perspective, Exquisite Listening and Unconditional Support. Mary Ellen attracts clients by being who she is: brilliant, witty, courageous, optimistic and a caring truth-teller. Her communication is distinctive in that it is direct, metaphorical and funny! A moment with her evokes the whole world.

–Sheila Kutner, Communication Coach at theShowplace

Although I had been browsing around for a coach, I was resolute that I wasn’t going to actually hire one for another six months or so. Then I met Mary Ellen and I knew I had to have her in my life immediately! Mary Ellen Sailer offers a rare and finely textured blend of sensitivity, joy, humanity and brilliance. What have I garnered from coaching with Mary Ellen? A crystalline clarity, inspiration, a way to view things from many angles, humor, delight, deeper self knowledge, success in my business, a large accomplishment checklist, a solid sense of what my priorities are; and a genuine confidence that is alas born from the truth.

— Rachel B Spaulding, Business and Personal Coach, New York City

Dear Mary Ellen,

My coaching experience with you has exceeded all my expectations. I have been amazed on a weekly basis by your insight and wisdom.

In many ways the biggest “AH-HA” moment for me was the connection between needs and actions. It helped me to stop labeling actions good or bad but just an attempt to meet my deepest needs. Clarifying my values and beliefs is also a critical component.

I was thinking that along with Einstein’s theory of relativity you could add Mary Ellen Sailer’s formula for a Brilliant Life:

NEEDS met through actions in accordance with Values and Beliefs = MY BRILLIANT LIFE

What a concept!!

— Kevin Coughlan

Mary Ellen is intelligent, skilled, warm, perceptive, and clear in communicating concepts and inklings. I coached Mary Ellen for about a year in a mentor group and also had many one-on-one coaching sessions. I loved watching her coach in the group; she always got to the heart of the matter with a minimum of effort, and she spoke in a way that the person being coached had a clear direction of thought and/or action as a result. I also had the experience of being coached by her, and she was excellent. Mary Ellen Sailer will be a leader in the professional coaching community and I am very happy and proud to recommend her.

–Shirley Anderson, MS, CMC, MCC

When Microsoft Corporation brought you in to coach several members of my group, I was excited for them to get to work with someone with the energy and drive you have. I thought it was so good that I hired you for myself, independent of the contract.

The more I come to understand my life values, with your guidance, the more energy and happiness I bring to my work place as well as my home life.

I have continued to work with you over the years because your support keeps me focused and on track. Sure, I could “do this on my own,” but why? I’ve created such significant improvements in my life! You have no “agenda” but my quest in living my brilliant life. My investment in myself has been profound.

–Beth Scott, Group Manager, Microsoft Corporation

Mary Ellen, the value of Brilliant Life Coaching is your holistic approach. I was seeking guidance and experience; you provided both as well as the secret coaching ingredient: challenges. Challenging me to gain greater clarity and focus, urging me to own my purpose and articulate it in simple terms, and then infusing purpose into everything that I do, allowed me to realize that I have everything that I need to live my Brilliant Life. In our conversations you listened to what I said, what I didn’t say and you encouraged me to seek integration. I am now living an integrated life, on my terms, and trusting my decisions. Through our work, I can confidently say that I am living the brilliant life I created rather than simply talking about it.

— Sean Clancy, Leverage

Mary Ellen,
I am so glad that I took the risk, and made the investment in myself by hiring you through my career transition into coaching. You have affirmed that my path is well chosen and have been an important role model for me as I start my own business. My expectations for what I would gain from our partnering have been exceeded! Thank you for your example in my life, thank you for your unbridled encouragement, and thank you for your high standards. I am better person for having you in my life — better to me, better to my loved ones, and better towards my expression in the world!

–Gail Reich

From our initial goal-setting meeting I could tell that Mary Ellen Sailer was going to be more effective with me than any of my past coaches. She has a wonderful way of drawing out of me solutions to problems I’m experiencing and creative ways to approach my problems and issues. I always walk away feeling like she has empowered me to go do what I knew was the right thing to do, but maybe didn’t have the confidence or courage to do before our session. She helps me shape out my responses rather than telling me what to do, and I feel complete ownership over the execution and outcomes of my actions. I approach difficult situations with her words of encouragement in the back of my head, and have even adopted a “what would Mary Ellen say?” mantra that helps me stay on course when things get tough. When the company-sponsored funding for coaching dried up, I chose to pay for her coaching services out of my own pocket, as I consider her to be an indispensible resource in my work life. When the bill comes in every month I find myself thinking, “This is probably the best money spent of anything I do for my career and life.”

East Coast Sales Leader
International Training and Development Company

Thank you for your professional assessments of my leadership behaviors and potential during our coaching contract. The developmental ‘invitations’ you extended during each of our meetings were on target and proved fruitful. Thanks also, Mary Ellen, for your kind words and coaching on achieving a balance between work and family matters.

I fully expect to stay on the learning path of a leader who strives to be the best she can be for her company, her customers and herself! I also wish you the best in your personal and professional endeavors. I love your passion for the work you do so well.

— C.T.
Senior HR Systems Analyst
Health Care

The coaching has been awesome. Mary Ellen has helped me see myself differently. Instead of “striving” to manage my life, I am working from my strengths, and that feels great! You are very motivating, friendly, enthusiastic, and caring. I’d give it a ten! Thank you so much.

–F.A., CPA Accounting Senior, International Automotive Engineering Corporation