You are an ideal client if you desire to be an active participant in all of the facets of your life. In accepting the caring and challenging coaching I provide, you will attract the things that are most important to you.

For years, top executives have used coaching as a confidential resource for themselves, and their teams benefit as well from improved communications, efficiency, morale and productivity. Coaching is not remedial–coaching is for high performers.

Since 1999, I have had the honor of coaching tremendous individuals from a wide range of professions and vocations: sales managers, bank executives, college professors, stay-at-home parents, graduate students, entrepreneurs, high-tech professionals, coaches, and vice presidents of universities. What they share is a passion for being alive and engaged–right here, right now.

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Brilliant Life clients all have different responsibilities, but they share a passion for engagement in the work they do and the lives they lead.

How about you? Call me if your ready to step into your brilliance, too!

Coaching is an investment in yourself, of yourself, for yourself. I want you to have confidence in your selection of the coach who ignites your potential! Please contact me for one free 30 minute coaching session. Send me an e-mail at or call me at 413.256.0077.

Monthly Fee: To best support you in living your brilliant life, we will customize your telephone coaching sessions according to duration (30 minute or one hour calls) and frequency (two to six calls per month) within the fee range of $400 – $700 per month.

My professional coaching services are available to individuals in any location.