Mary Ellen Sailer, Ed. D.

Mary Ellen is inspired by the distinction between “being” and “doing.” She is convinced that people spend too much time “doing” what they presume is expected of them, rather than “being” who they really are. Coaching individuals to excavate their brilliance within is Mary Ellen’s passion.


Mary Ellen Sailer

Mary Ellen Sailer

Dr. Sailer is a graduate of Coach University, a member of the International Coach Federation (ICF), and is a candidate for professional certification (PCC) with the ICF. She earned her graduate degrees in organizational development from the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. Her doctoral research on ethical decision making revealed the essence of coaching: having the caring support of another in asking questions and designing options liberates the decision maker from a “right vs. wrong” paradigm towards the development of wisdom.


In addition to Brilliant Life, Mary Ellen Sailer is also a Senior Coach with The Ken Blanchard Companies, and is one of their original executive coaches. Prior to coaching, Mary Ellen dedicated 20 years to her first career in college and university administration and graduate education.

Mary Ellen is quick, caring, fun, courageous and compassionate. She loves to connect, learn, and enjoy. She shares her life with two exquisite children, and is proud of having transitioned into the “right relationship” with their father–navigating through divorce while remaining a respectful and supportive co-parent. Mary Ellen pursues living her brilliant life in many ways, including on stage in productions ranging from Shakespeare to musical theatre.

Photo credit: John A Loos