What is Coaching?


Be an active participant in all facets of your life.

Realize your visions, goals and desires.

Developing skills for the betterment of the team.


Coaching is an on-going structured and professional relationship in which you focus on taking action toward the realization of your vision, goals or desires. Using a process of inquiry, structure, support and feedback, I will help you build a level of awareness and responsibility to define and achieve professional and personal success faster and with more ease than otherwise possible. With scheduled phone calls, unlimited email, resources such as worksheets and assessments, and a great deal of curiosity, honesty and good humor, you’ll claim the essence of your brilliant life.

Working with me as your professional coach, many wonderful things will happen:

  • You will take yourself more seriously.
  • You will develop new skills.
  • You will stop putting up with what is dragging you down.
  • You will create momentum so it’s easier to get results.
  • You will learn that integrity isn’t something to “have,” it is an internal, unifying way of “being.”
  • Finally, you, and others, will enjoy the brilliance of your life!


The Gift You Have to Share With Others Is Worth Reorienting Your Life Around

  • Do you, or would you, accept the notion that each human being is bestowed with special gifts and talents?
  • Do you know what yours are? If you do, do you think it’s possible, even desirable, to reorient your life around developing these gifts or talents and sharing them with others? If so: To what degree have you done so?

The truth, for most people, is that it is very difficult to reorient your life around your values. Some common obstacles follow:

  • The actual gift, or the uniqueness of the gift, is not clearly seen, felt or experienced. The person may simply be unaware of the gift, or they may take it for granted and not regard it as all that special.
  • The individual is too busy just getting through life, and the gift, or notion that there is a gift, appears to be a luxury, a whimsical diversion or a threat to the status quo.
  • The individual feels or has felt burdened by or misunderstood because of the gift. The gift has turned into a liability versus the asset it really is.
  • The gift has not been developed adequately and thus does not shine bright enough to be well regarded by anyone, including the individual holding the gift. It is a gift with potential.

The notion of having a gift and reorienting your life around it can definitely push you out of your comfort zone. But is it worth it? Maybe. Here is advice that worked for some individuals:

  • If you are feeling pressured to develop your gift, stop and first build a life. This gives your gift a nourishing place to develop itself. Don’t fall into the starving artist routine.
  • If you are compelled to share your gift or “be your gift,” then your identity or ego needs the gift as a way to be okay with oneself. A gift should feel like a gift, not an obligation or have-to.
  • When your foundation is strong enough, start to develop this gift as a project. Start hanging out with others who are developing their own gifts. You need to be around those who naturally support your development because they, too, know what it takes to trust and develop that special part of yourself. The naysayers in your life have got to relearn how to encourage you. If they don’t, wave your magic wand and watch them disappear. Life is too short to have people around
who don’t believe in you.
  • In every moment, be grateful for the opportunity you’ve been given to see, feel and develop your gift. It’s as close to a miracle as you’re going to see.
  • Enjoy your gift. There are thousands of people like you who have made a similar, healthy leap. Find several of them, quickly.
This summary is drawn from 25 Secrets to having the life you want, © 1998 Coach U, Inc. All rights reserved. May be freely duplicated by Coach U students, graduates and licensed users.